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Up to 6 months old – Charged at £20 per session

These grooms are specifically for our youngsters aged between 12 weeks (or once full vaccinations have been completed) and up to 6 months, using a Sensitive Conditioning Shampoo, which is deep cleaning yet super gentle, and has an invigorating scent to capture the essence of puppyhood.

It is a good idea to get your pup used to the grooming process & groomer, from an early age, to help prevent stress from unfamiliar sounds, smells, positions & people. It is especially important for high maintenance breeds such as Poodles (including all Poodle mixes – all Doodles), Bichons & other long or curly coated breeds.

These sessions are designed to get your puppy used to the grooming process, including noises, smells & sensations. They will include anything from the Full Groom list but in a graduated process and include lots of playtime & cuddles.

Sessions are for up to 1 hour and we recommend at least 3 sessions prior to a Full Groom.


How exciting a new pup! Now the fun begins with all that training, where is your focus? Lead training, Toilet Training, Good socialisation, Basic commands (sit, stay, down etc)……. What about the grooming training??? Your pup will need to be bathed (they will get dirty & some will roll in some unpleasant stuff!) & brushed regularly to maintain its lovely coat & of course you want this to be a positive, stress-free experience for your pup……This is where Puppy School comes in…..

Specifically for our youngsters aged between 12 weeks (or once full vaccinations have been completed) and up to 6 months. Pups will attend 6 sessions, covering the following….

  1. Socialisation – Salon environment, including sounds & smells.
  2. Dryer (the pup will have the dryer turned on near them & gradually pointed at them so they learn the feel of the air on their skin – there will be no bath, this is a dry run), Face & Feet hold, Clippers turned on & placed on the table & run over the pup (with no blade) so that they learn the clipper vibration.
  3. Bath & Dry
  4. Hygiene, Face & Ear Clean
  5. Trim Pads & Nails
  6. Full Groom (if the pup is ready)

You will also receive tuition on how to brush your pups coat & a suitable comb / brush to help achieve this.

This package is priced as £100 payable in advance & must be completed by the age of 6 months.


Dog Grooming Wivenhoe, Colchester
Dog Grooming Wivenhoe, Colchester
Dog Grooming Wivenhoe, Colchester

All shampoos used are vegan friendly, cruelty-free, ethically sourced & do not contain harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, soaps & dyes.