Dog Grooming Wivenhoe | Dog Grooming Colchester

Removal of the topcoat to leave a smooth, breed standard finish (suitable only for certain breeds).

These grooms include….

  • A hydro-massage bath, using our specially sourced shampoos.
  • Blow-dry.
  • Coat brush through, using a specific brush for your dog’s coat requirement.
  • Removal of the blown coat.
  • Hygiene tidy, pad clear and nail trim will also be completed if required.


The groom is finished with…….

  • An ear clean
  • Spritz of cologne
  • A picture for social media


Prices will be charged as an additional £10 on the price of a Full Groom, but will also be subject to variable pricing determined by the coat condition & the length of time since the last hand strip.

Please note that if a coat has previously been clipped or if the dog is spayed/neutered, it will have changed the coat & can make it very difficult to strip or in some cases impossible to strip, in these instances we would discuss alternative groom techniques with you as it is unfair and can be painful to your dog to try to keep stripping the coat.

Dog Grooming Wivenhoe, Colchester
Dog Grooming Wivenhoe, Colchester
Dog Grooming Wivenhoe, Colchester

All shampoos used are vegan friendly, cruelty-free, ethically sourced & do not contain harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, soaps & dyes.