Additional charges & Services

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De-mattingThese charges will be discussed during the consultation.

Please note that under The Animal Welfare Act (2006), we are legally obliged to protect animals from Pain & Suffering, therefore a lengthy De-matting service will not be offered, instead a full clip off in the interest of the dog will be recommended.

Targeted De-Matting – 15 mins (subject to consultation) removal of problematic mats (such as behind the ears or in friction areas).

o   One-off session – Full Groom not included  £7

o   Taken within a Full Groom   £5

o   De-Mat   £10

In the case of severe matting or a pelted coat. The coat will not be brushed out as this causes pain & stress on the dog.

  • Flea Shampoo from £5

o   We do not offer flea bathing as a routine service as you should have a flea treatment routine in place, which could lead to overdosing, however if a minor infestation is discovered (subject to talking through the options with you) then we will offer a flea shampoo.

o   Please note we reserve the right to charge an additional £10 to have the salon treated. 

General MaintenanceOne-off services

  • Eye Clear                        £5
  • Bottom Tidy                   £5         Combine all 3 for £12.
  • Ear Clean                        £5
  • Nails Trim                        £7
  • Pad Clear                        £7         Combine all 3 for £17.
  • Hygiene (inc Bottom) £7                

Combine any 3 from the above one off services for £20.

Dog Grooming Wivenhoe, Colchester
Dog Grooming Wivenhoe, Colchester

All shampoos used are vegan friendly, cruelty-free, ethically sourced & do not contain harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, soaps & dyes.