A basic guide to the welfare requirements for your dog

As dog owners, we all love our dogs & want to do the best for them, these basic guides aim to point out some simple welfare requirements for your animals, pointing out various legislations, grooming requirements & emergency 1st Aid situations……

The importance of Dog Grooming

REMEMBER…… ALL DOGS NEED GROOMING…. some just need it more than others

Grooming, whether at home or the groomers is a very important part of maintaining your dog’s health.

It is important to keep dog’s coats clean & manageable, but it also offers an ideal opportunity to complete a general health check of your dog.

It should be an experience that your dog can enjoy.

Health benefits to grooming your dog…..

  • Unkempt dogs are more prone to pick up little parasitic friends like fleas, ticks, and worms.
  • During brushing, the skin is stimulated, encouraging the production of new skin & hair growth. It promotes blood circulation & aerates the skin.
  • Dead (or blown hair as your groomer may refer to it) is removed, preventing the skin pores becoming blocked, which can also in some cases aid or help to prevent some skin conditions.
  • Some dog’s tend to mat when not regularly groomed. These mats can become painful to dogs when left unattended. Imagine the discomfort you would feel if your hair is all tangled up behind your neck, this is the same discomfort your dog will feel when their fur is left to mat up into clumps.
  • Whilst most dog’s do not enjoy & in some cases do not tolerate having their nails clipped, it is really an important part of the dog’s health.

Nail Clipping prevents the nail from curling around and growing into the skin, which can be a very painful for the dog & result in a costly trip to the vets. It also keeps the nails from snagging.

Nails that are left to grow over several months without attention will actually start to hamper your dog’s ability to walk properly.

  • During the groom, on parting your dog’s hair, it will be possible for you notice any lumps, bumps, cuts, sores or scabs that they may have, that may otherwise go un-noticed, you will then be able to decide if any further action is needed.
  • Your dog will be more socially acceptable, as he will look & smell better than a non-groomed dog.
  • The care of the dog’s teeth is part of the basic overhaul that dogs require at a minimum every two weeks. Brushing the teeth, helps to kill bacteria, bad breath & the threat of gum disease & eventual tooth decay & possible loss.

If you take the step to have your dog visit a groomer, at home you should be at the very least still be brushing & handling your dog, then when the time comes for your dog to then visit a professional groomer, the experience should be handled much better. The dog groomer will use good quality products, to suit your pets coat / skin needs.

The better the maintenance of the dog, the happier and healthier he will be. The importance of dog grooming is equivalent to the importance of feeding your dog.

Keeping your dog clean, well brushed, and regularly bathed will go a long way toward his overall health and happiness.

As well as being of benefit to your dog it will also benefit you….

  • Less dropped (shed) hair makes it easier to clean your home & furniture.
  • For those with allergies, keeping a clean dog, may make having a dog a possibility.
  • Grooming can be a relaxing time for both you & your dog allowing you both to de-stress & unwind.


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